Services Offered

General Information

The Engineering Peer Tutoring Service (EPTS) offers free help for U0 and U1 students in Mechanical, Civil, Chemical, Electrical/Computer, and Materials. EPTS also provides help with U0/U1 Math, MATLAB and COMP courses for all engineering students.

Tutors hold fixed office hours every week in FDA 6B (see schedule to find out what this semester's office hours are). There are tutors for each of the subjects mentioned above. Students are welcome to drop in during their office hours to ask any questions regarding the courses mentioned below.

How will the tutors help?

Tutors are available to help students with relevant course material, assignments and any general engineering-related subject. The help provided is mostly one-on-one. Tutors are all students who have taken the U0 and/or U1 course load of their department. They are a great resource for not only course-related questions, but also for general advice.

Tutors may also hold review sessions before midterms and final exams, subject to demand in the office hours.

Courses Covered

Department Supported Courses
Chemical Engineering CHEE 200, CHEE 204, CHEE 220, CHEE 231
Civil Engineering CIVE 205, CIVE 206, CIVE 207, CIVE 290
ECSE ECSE 200, ECSE 210, ECSE 221
Mechanical Engineering MECH 210, MECH 220,MECH 240
U0 Math MATH 133, MATH 140, MATH 141
U1 Math MATH 262, MATH 263, MATH 264
PDE Math 271
U0 Physics PHYS 131, PHYS 142
Computer Science COMP 202, COMP 208, MATLAB
Materials Engineering MIME 209, Mime 212